Medical Imaging Solutions

Advanced Radiography Technology

Most of the rural hospitals and diagnostic centers in India are using conventional X-RAY systems. This needs continuous supply of X-RAY films, Chemicals and Dark room setup. Recent trend shows that Digital radiography over conventional is more effective in terms of image quality, eliminating the need for X-RAY films, Chemicals and Dark room setup. Digitized X-Ray images are also easy to share over internet. However, Digital radiography setups are expensive and not everyone can afford.

Wide Mobility has indigenously developed a prototype system for digital radiography called X-Vision Unit, which has following advantages over conventional as well as digital radiography machines.

  • Capture X-Ray images in standard digital format
  • This prototype can work with existing conventional X-Ray machines, and is easily deployable
  • It is very cost effective compared to digital radiography machines available in the market
  • Eliminates the need for X-RAY films, Chemicals and Dark room setup.
  • Results are comparable with X-ray film images.

How it's Used

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    X-Vision unit prototype. Supports both DICOM and BMP/JPEG

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    X-Vision based Vertical Scan Unit for Chest and Abdomen parts

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    X-Vision based Horizontal Bed Scan Unit for Hand, Legs, Feet and skull

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    Digital Images using Conventional X-ray machines