Inspection Services

At Wide Mobility, we believe that our Digital Scanning Service can provide great value to our customers and help them improve the quality of their products.

Our Digital Radiography Services Offer

  • Complete product analysis which enables our customers to identify the internal characteristics of the product without damaging it
  • Enablement of live working of the product while X-ray imaging to determine the product response under stress
  • Screening of food items for grading, internal contaminations, agricultural hybrids structures and other purposes
  • and much more

Digital Radiography Scanning Services

Our Digital Radiography Inspection Process

Step 11

Step 1

Discuss the Customer requirements and come up with the Action Plan with deliverables
Step 22

Step 2

Send us the Samples
Step 33

Step 3

We will screen the samples
Step 44

Step 4

Deliver the Data/Images along with the detailed analysis of the requested characteristics of the Samples

Later we can work with our customer to design and establish a bigger scale inspection unit at their premises.