Digital Radiography Inspection - Industrial

Industrial Radiography

Manufacturers know that consumers expect the products they buy to be safe, to work well and to last. This reliability becomes even more important when product failure can be expensive or dangerous and x-ray based industrial radiography plays very important role.Manufacturers use industrial radiography to check for cracks or flaws in their products. Just like medical x-rays are used to find breaks or cracks in bones,Industrial radiography uses x-rays to take pictures of the inside of products because they can show problems not visible from the outside. Radiography is useful because it does not damage or change the product being tested.

For example, industrial radiography is used to test:

  • Gas and oil pipelines.
  • Metal welding.
  • Vehicle parts.
  • Cargo inspection / Security
  • Aircraft parts.
  • Many More...

Use Cases and Applications in Metal Industry