About Us

Our Mission Statement

Wide Mobility's mission is to become a prominent name in Vision System Solutions provider in India. To accomplish this, Wide Mobility strives to:

  • provide robust vision solutions to real-world manufacturing and process problems,
  • provide unparalleled service & support in the machine vision industry, and
  • become our customer's vision partner; we want your repeat business!!

About us

Wide mobility headquartered in Hubli, India, is leading the development, supply and integration of end-to-end machine vision & inspection solutions targeting various industries like food, manufacturing, health care, security etc.

We excel at complex projects that require tailored solutions with high reliability and flexibility, specifically for industrial automation and various food grading applications. Our company works on the core principle that inspires us to bring together image processing and different type of vision systems to create comprehensive inspection solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Wide mobility offers range of solutions which include optical as well as digital radiography based solutionssupported by enterprise class of image processing software and applications that are designed to create robust inspection products. Wide mobility also provides custom conceptualized imaging solutions from intelligent analytics, software and hardware development to integration with all recognized third party hardware,applications and services.

Our Company

Wide mobility was established in 2010 and it was incorporated in 2014. In early years, wide mobility has been into research and development of medical equipments.

We have noticed an increasing need for inspection automation in our daily life. This has inspired us to come up with best and cost effective products and solutions for several types of inspection applications. Since 2013 our focus is completely shifted to machine vision. Wide mobility progressive roadmap and innovations in machine vision and inspection domain always create opportunities to work through key partner vendors in multiple markets enforcing wide mobility's brand that help to set up the stage for further market penetration and product innovation.